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The following information is based on information provided by a Don't Bank on the Bomb report on private companies in the nuclear weapons industry.
Dreadnought submarine - artist's impression.
  • General Dynamics is involved in the production and maintenance of the Trident II for the US and UK.
  • General Dynamics is also responsible for integrating the Trident missile in the new US Columbia-class program and the United Kingdom Dreadnought-class submarines. General Dynamics has a five-year contract, awarded in 2019 and worth over 50-million pounds, to work on the UK Dreadnought nuclear submarine system.
  • General Dynamics has for many years been involved in extending the lifecycle of the Trident II nuclear missiles of the US Navy. The submarine-launched Trident II missile is currently aboard US Ohio-class and British Vanguard-class submarines. The US plans to keep the Trident II missiles deployed until 2042.
  • General Dynamics is part of the Northrop Grumman team planned to produce the new U.S. ground based ICBM system, the Ground Based Strategic Deterrent.

Fire Control Systems

In December 2015, General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems (GDAIS) was awarded a US$30.6 million contract for work that included maintenance of the fire control systems aboard the US and UK ballistic missile submarines, integrated nuclear weapon security systems and missile flight test systems, and missile fire control for the Ohio replacement and UK Successor Dreadnought-class Common Missile Compartment Program. The original contracted work was expected be completed by December 2020; however, there have been numerous contract modifications. These modifications include, in February 2016, costing US Navy funds some US$2 million; and United Kingdom funds some US$15 million.
The contract was again modified in April 2017, when GDAIS was awarded a modification to the existing contract, of US$32.9 million. The contract was extended to 2021. In July 2017, the contract was modified again to the value of US$8.8 million. The contract was updated 5 more times between November 2017 and December 2018 for a total of US$80 million. Work is now expected to be completed in September 2023.

Strategic Systems Programs Shipboard Integration

In April 2017, General Dynamics Electric Boat was awarded a US$13.1 million contract to produce US and UK ship alterations for the Strategic Systems Programs Shipboard Integration and support installations. Furthermore, General Dynamics is to provide technical engineering support for Trident II Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile programmes, Ohio class missile requirements, attack weapon system trainer requirements, and advanced weapons system development requirements. The contract also includes strategic weapon systems technical engineering support for ship systems and subsystems supporting SSBN weapon systems as well as technical services for Trident engineering, refuelling, and overhaul maintenance period and demonstration and shakedown operation.
The contract contains options which, if exercised, can bring the contract value to a maximum dollar value of US$46.5 million. In September 2018 the contract was modified for US$7.7 million to provide various labour and material items in support of Strategic Weapons Systems Ashore, Missile Repair, United Kingdom Dreadnought Trainer upgrades and training for Strategic Systems Programs. The work is expected to be completed by April 2021.

Integrated Product and Process Development

In September 2017, General Dynamics Electric Boat was awarded a US$5 billion contract for the Integrated Product and Process Development design completion for the Columbia-class ballistic missile submarines. The contract also includes component and technology development, missile tube module and reactor compartment bulkhead prototyping and manufacturing efforts, and United Kingdom Strategic Weapon Support System kit manufacturing for the Columbia class ballistic missile submarines. Work is expected to be completed by December 2031. The contract was modified for US$126.2 million in April 2018, and again for US$480.6 million in September 2018.

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