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Traditionally, since 2005, as August 6th, the anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, comes round, Hastings against War has launched lanterns at sunset on the boating lake near the War Memorial in Alexandra Park, Hastings, to remember victims of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and to unite with the Japanese tradition of floating lanterns.

Click here for pictures of the commemoration in 2019.
In 2020 and 2021, the Borough Council asked us, on Health and Safety grounds, not to float lanterns on the lake. In addition, the need for social distancing meant no speeches, no choirs to sing along with, and no gathering in the Meeting House to construct lanterns in advance.
Instead supporters brought their own home-made lanterns. Origami and decorated food tubs, all incorporating tea-lights, appeared during the evening.

A particular delight in 2020 was the presence of Japanese supporters, whose lanterns were outstanding.

In 2021 the first lantern was placed in position by the Mayor of Hastings, Councillor James Bacon.
We walked in silence round the boating lake, keeping a 2-metre social distance, each carrying a lantern and placing it along the path close to the water's edge.
In 2020 we continued to circulate until the lower lake was surrounded by lanterns shining out across the water their message of peace and hope.

In 2021 the wind extinguished most of the tea-lights - a lesson we must reflect on when planning for next year - the 77th anniversary of the dropping of the first nuclear bomb.
In 2021 we were inspired by two banners made by Lorna and Jen.
We are grateful to all who joined us during the evening, and look forward to the end of the shutdown, and the return of the choirs next year.