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Hastings Against War supports THE CAMPAIGN AGAINST ARMS TRADE

Stop the Arms Fair

The next major arms fair planned for the UK is the Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI), run by the Defence and Security Organisation, part of the UK Department of Trade and Investment. This will be held at the ExCel Centre in East London in September 2017.
Eight activists arrested for resisting DSEI in 2015 have been found Not Guilty on the grounds that they were seeking to prevent a greater crime.

Join us in blocking DSEI in 2017.

Stop Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia

Fighter jets, missiles and bombs - made in the UK - are killing civilians in Yemen. Despite this our government has just licensed the sale of 2.8 billion additional weapons to Saudi Arabia.

The High Court has ruled that CAAT can now take the government's persistence in exporting these arms to a judicial review. Judges will next consider whether our government is acting illegally. Watch this space!

Meanwhile sign the petition to support the CAAT iniative.